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Heat Protection

The enormous range of usage possibilities recognised with our technical fabrics lies in their excellent sound and heat insulation as well as their heat and fire protection properties. This kind of protective fabric is used mainly in the manfacturing of automobiles, ships and plants, as well as in the building industry.

Fibreglass fabric with PU coating

Grey, 445 g/m2, Long-term resistant

up to 250oC, short-term up to 500oC

Thickness up to 0.45 mm, Resistant

to oils, fats and humidity
High abrasion resistance
Equipment is highly inflammable

Soft thermal textile

Grey, 1.000 g/m2, Long-term resistant
up to 700oC, Thickness approx. 1.5 mm
Mesh is not combustible
High flexibility and tensile strength

Fire protection fabric red

Heavy duty, 1.200 g/m2
Long-term resistant up to 750oC, short term
up to 1.200oC, Thickness approx. 2 mm
Mesh is not combustible




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